Jason Strout
Jason Strout
NYC Striking Coach | Boxing - Kickboxing - Muay Thai




is known for being one of the top striking (boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai) coaches in NYC with over 20 years of training experience. Jason has gathered knowledge first hand as a professional boxer and kickboxer under renowned coach Duke Roufus. Jason then utilized his experience to successfully coach professional and amateur boxers, kickboxers and MMA fighters in UFC, Bellator, Glory Kickboxing and many other promotions.

Jason not only works with professional and amateur fighters; he also works with students looking to refine their skills and improve their strength and cardio conditioning, while developing impressive technique not often seen outside of the ring.   


Jason’s coaching style is no BS. Fighting is unforgiving and his job is to prepare you for it. This is how Jason has brought fighters to their Bellator titles and from regional promotions to the UFC. Jason has the ability to build a strong fundamental foundation for his fighters and students, whilst harnessing their strengths into a refined style. This optimizes who they are, allowing them to be their most powerful and strategic selves.

Jason has worked with several male and female athletes who have competed in the UFC, Bellator, K1, Glory Kickboxing, Lion Fights, and numerous boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA professional and amateur promotions. He has trained many notable professional fighters, including Liam McGeary, Jared “Flash” Gordon, Skender Halili and Marcos Galvao.




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25 Park Pl
New York, NY 10007 Broadway & Church St

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Bangkok, Thailand

TriBeCa FiDi (Financial District) Wall Street Area (Downtown)


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Jason has a wealth of knowledge in combat sports and has high standards to yield high results. Jason does not subscribe to the “one-size fits all” mentality, and stays dynamic to work with various styles and sizes of fighters. Jason has unparalleled insight into his fighters strengths and the ability to build on them while ensuring a heavy focus on striking fundamentals and efficient technique to optimize power. Private lessons with Jason are intense with the intention to prepare you to actually get in the ring or cage and fight, but can also be an incredible way to support you in achieving your fitness, cardio, strength and/or weight loss goals.  

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Jason is a master and student of combat sports, ever-expanding his knowledge through studying fights from various eras, firsthand through training, and from observing his fighters and students. Also check out the channel for all your classic bouts in K1, MMA and Muay Thai.

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